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Freddy & Francine Shares ‘Half A Mind’. “So, What Did You Want To Know?” Everything.

Seeing you walking down the street, of the boulevard of my dreams, made me excited like the no other. Your brilliance in attitude and confidence, drove me to your virtual arms and I was thankful. For I was a shy boy, looking for the love of my life. When you strolled in, and captured my heart and its surroundings.

“Name is Francis. What’s your name?”

“Tisha. So what do you want?”

“Oh, just wanted to talk with you, that’s all. You seemed to be very interesting, and wanted to get to know you.”

“So, what did you want to know about me?”


FREDDY & FRANCINE is just fantastic to listen to. The body of work from the duo (Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso) just oozes naturally aspirated blending of soul, pop, folk, and Americana that is easy to love and easy not to forget. Lee’s vocals in this particular single is strong (as always) and is as sticky and hooky as it can get. Bianca has the same kind of strength and confidence in her vocals as well (demonstrated in other outputs), but in ‘Half A Mind’ helps round out the single by formulating some fabulous back-up harmonies. The combination of the two has been a staple for a long while ever since their meeting and set up of the band in 2008.

That’s a plus for us listeners, of course.

Well, everything in the world can’t be peaches and cream, but the two pros produce some compelling work that makes us sing, dance, and hum to the infectious emotions.

And maybe that’s all that should count, for now, right?

See them next on Jul 18th @ Nottingham Park & Pavilion (Avon, Colorado).



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