Freedom Fry Share ‘Classic’ Video. Debut Album Drops June 1st + Live In Los Angeles!

The sparkly, sparkles surrounded us in a big golden halo, and our eyes shut and images of beaches, love, and emotions in relationships just projected in an 8mm blossom. That’s what ‘Classic’ was for us, and the fun aspects just hit us Right. Might have heard the song at the right time and temperament, but oh boy, the sentimentality and cuteness, was pop indie tsunami.

Jumble up 70’s and 80’s pop art – that’s what the song is.

Then wrap it up in our modern pop music sensibilities – then there you are swimming in that ocean of fun.

The video depicts what the song resonates.

Of fantasy, of love, of perceived love, of what love should be.

Indicative of the knowledge of what is possible is what the song is to us. Our minds swivel over to those classic memories of our past, then fast forward to the future of what can become – together – hand in hand.

Freedom Fry is rep’ed by Caveman Arts Society.


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