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Freedom Fry’s Debut Album ‘Classic’ Drops June 1st. Shares first single ‘Classic’.

The sparkly, sparkles surrounded us in a big golden halo, and our eyes shut and images of beaches, love, and emotions in relationships just projected in an 8mm blossom. That’s what ‘Classic’ was for us, and the fun aspects just hit us Right. Might have heard the song at the right time and temperament, but oh boy, the sentimentality and cuteness, was pop indie tsunami.

Jumble up 70’s and 80’s pop art – that’s what the song is.

And unabashed about it.

“Classic was one of those melodies that just popped into our heads one day and wouldn’t go away. The lyrics paint a semi-serious picture of all the cliché things we can’t help but love about LA. It’s also about feeling like maybe you were born in the wrong time, which we sometimes do.

Kudos, we say.

You wanna feel good? Listen, soak it in, the Vitamin D is fab.

Buy album [HERE]



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