Freedom Shapes ‘Tulips’ : Shaped in spirit. Jazzy pulp. Groovy uneasiness.

Freedom Shapes

“I wrote this song and it has been proven to be rather divisive,” said Freedom Shapes. “Either people love it or hate it and I have actually received death threats for some reason for this song. Lol idk why.. I’ve compiled a list of hate mail about it on my Instagram.”

Out of sight. But never out of mind. A groove turn of events that is ‘Tulips’, churns like the proverbial bowls of incessant mannerisms and wanting excitements. A prolonged vigil to the saints of the past, current, and future is commenced; inherently dipping in the salsa – one, two, three – looking bare over your shoulders, to the party goers, a-gasp.

You chew. Slowly. Looking forward, secretly to the next Dorito’s scoop chip – perfectly made by the gods of machine and marketing. You glance towards the table, full of goodies and selection of sodas and pop, sweating gingerly, as the crowd of offended partiers, intensify at your negligence of decorum.

Extending. Heart racing. Bead of sweat, from your nearly new hipster beanie, glisten in the florescent lighting of your friend’s dining room. With index finger and thumb, like the proud homosapien you are… you dip… once more.

One, two, three.

Freedom Shapes pushes his own schism of art and blending contrasts. It’s his expression. It’s his own intervention.


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