Freedom Shapes ‘You and Me’ : Entails fascinating talent and imagination, that it’s hard not to absorb.

Freedom Shapes

In a far off universe, there lay a bed of normality that we can call, Freedom Shapes. Revival, psyche tinged, indie-pop cudgel – angles and insipid, tackles your pride and hooks you in with licks that makes that universality, the normal you’d always wanted and desired.

Best of all, you never knew you wanted it. But now, here it is. In the flesh.

We’d said of Freedom Shapes’ invocation of music as: “You chew. Slowly. Looking forward, secretly to the next Dorito’s scoop chip – perfectly made by the gods of machine and marketing. You glance towards the table, full of goodies and selection of sodas and pop, sweating gingerly, as the crowd of offended partiers, intensify at your negligence of decorum.”

So very true.

‘You and Me’ is innovative, fun, irreverent – but it entails fascinating talent and imagination, that it’s hard not to absorb.

Once again, Freedom Shapes bring the unexpected on to the scene, and fires with both guns blazing.

Get hooked.


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