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Fremmand – Powder Face

FREMMAND means ‘stranger’ in Faroese. The genesis of it all comes from the personal experiences of lead singer Jana Hjalgrímsdóttir’s life in the first few years in Denmark. Completing the band, Tobias Weltzer, Rico Holmer, and Thea Berg, help the big new-wave sound of the new project take flight like an eagle. It gently, and majestically flaps its long wings as we admire it grace of lyrical depth and for the band’s diabolically distinct attrition of the normal. They released their debut album in 2018, and has been touring with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, colliding and making bridges with their anthemic, groovy, tantric revelations in sound. With new recording material for the 2nd album being constructed, the anticipation levels increase as Richard Fortus of the current Guns and Roses lineup join to contribute. ‘Powder Face’ is a song that is ‘alive’. It’s alive in depiction, as it dives towards the future’s past, with gumption and parallels. The understated grit, relegates much of the white noise of society, to bring into four dimensions in how and why Jana feels the way she does. The Universe trembles at the thoughts of FREMMAND’s incarnations through their notes.

Thomas Azier – Strangling Song

Ultra satisfying. That’s what THOMAS AZIER’s single ‘Strangling Song’ is about. And we asphyxiate with the layers of goodness that makes our dizzy with feels. Multi-dimensional lyrical works and sentiments, dive deep into to the frame of notes that are as distinct and delectable as this song represents. Thomas stated: “Letting go of expectations and rules that are connected to a ‘major label type of system’ makes me feel self-confident and connected with the present instead of chasing an outdated idea of success. I wanted to release songs to support my live shows, and not the other way around. Looking for music that feels more ‘fluid’, lengthier and improvisational; the songs write themselves as I’m recording.” The producer and songwriter, continues to shape his career in a particular way. His inspirations start and continue to be molded by the vastness of the particular city he’s residing. The Netherlands is his current inspiration and with all of the quirk and pomp, his music flourishes and glows with originality and entertainment. CHF has been late to the party with Thomas. But we’re looking for even more in the future.

Floral Shop – Anyplace

“The first guitar riffs for the track had been floating around since before the beginnings of our band. However, it was not until when we expanded the instrumentation that we managed to flesh out the vibe that the guitars aimed to evoke”, singer Igor Franjić said of single, ‘Anyplace’. “We briefly considered splitting up the track but concluded that the two segments, and Anyplace as a song, only make sense as a whole.” In the year 2016, Igor, Simon, and two Marvins convened to make the project: FLORAL SHOP. And in the year 2019 (June 7th) they are due to drop their debut Ep ‘Parasols’. The uber-talented quartet from Münster and Cologne, shines a gleaming light upon the world with ‘Anyplace’. The synth drenched analysis in human ordeals, the rhythms are as significant as the seasons and destroys relationships as poignantly as we do, in our drudgery of life. But with FLORAL SHOP, we gain the kind of recompense and the opportunity to remember why we exist and live. And that’s the razor’s edge where we always thrive, survive, and divulge into a vat of emotional turmoils, forging our future selves. We love and hate; dominate and purge – ‘Anyplace’ is that safe place where we can do that with confidence and be reborn once more to a greater height. Refreshing and delicious, FLORAL SHOP’s new EP is one to really look out for this summer.

Digital Daggers – Black Magic

Project of multi-instrumentalist/producer Jason ‘Space’ Smith and singer-songwriter Andrea Wasse, the perennially popular project DIGITAL DAGGERS, they’d been featured in many film and television syncs, including Revenge to Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. There’s a reason why they are. For each song, a single like ‘Black Magic’ derives itself from the ashes and clutches the emotional ties of the listener in a trance like state. The partnership has been a fruitful 11 years and they’ve just started. ‘Gloomy’ and ‘Positive’ and decadently affectionate, ‘Black Magic’ is a perfect example of matching the visual with the sonic, in a perfect dance and description. ‘The Universal theme of love gone wrong’ as they’d describe their successful link with their fans, the duo continues to touch hearts with the dark majesty they reveal.

Loren Nine – I do (really like you)

LOREN NINE’s vocals are fab. So clear, crystal – the standards leaning vocals evokes all of the goodness of love and being in love that we all know so well. With a tinge of irony or cynicism, the power of love is defined within the world of her voice. The curtains open up to show the beautiful blue shores off in the distance. The place where you and your love belong. Belonging together, and never to be apart any longer. Loren started to play the piano at the age of two, then by 9, she’d written her first song. Music was her life and still is. At 13 years, she’d signed her first publishing deal at a singer/songwriter. She is inspired by the 1950s and she does her best to bring the goodness of that era of music to life in this day and age. ‘I Do (really like you)’ is a jazz-standard that is classic and modern. Her perfectly synchronized vocals are made for this genre as her communication abilities dance eloquently with massive appeal and pop-saccharine. Just a pinch here; just a pinch there – she formulates with every breath in ‘I Do’ with gumption and excellence.


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