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French for Rabbits – Highest Hill

Filmed over a couple of days in Auckland with long-time collaborator Misma Andrews (also behind their videos for Goat and The Weight of Melted Snow) – the videos feature Andrews and her cute but feisty cat Lucifer, and French for Rabbits front person Brooke Singer with dog friends Pepa and Jolene. A variety of dance moves, pats and treats were employed during the making of the videos.The band are returning to the USA for the second time in 2019 for a West Coast tour – following an earlier debut nationwide run and stint at SXSW following the release of their intensely dreamy sophomore record The Weight of Melted Snow, out on Mississippi’s Muscle Beach Records. For this tour they will be joined by violinist Katie Mosehauer and bassist Ian Williams for an intimate series of shows. Lovely beauty comes from the band, at every turn. They are Brooke, John, Penelope, Ben and Hikurangi and you can see them next @ Space Bar, San Diego on November 5th.

KYRI – Sanctuary

From Greek Orthodox churches, gospel choirs & forests, through London’s intoxicating LGBTQ+ club culture to a home in higher consciousness, KYRI bares all at the piano. Self-acceptance & exploration are common themes throughout his music, which teams confessional stories of hardship & darkness with an eternal search for peace & light. KYRI stated: “‘Sanctuary’ is a sort of love letter to Mother Nature. It describes the darker side of our modern city living and it’s possible effects on our minds – anxiety & depression, as well as its effects on the earth – pollution, climate change and extinction. It’s a longing to return to what once was, to purity, the connectedness of all living things, to peace.” As a queer youth in denial, practicing Christianity amongst a traditional Greek Orthodox family in the West Midlands, KYRI’s teenage years were complex. Through his music, KYRI aims to share his philosophy that only through complete, honest vulnerability, can we find strength, intimacy & meaningful connection with others. Gorgeous methods of harmony in empathy comes to a beautiful flight in ‘Sanctuary’. The riveting highs and expressive undulations of his vocal tensions, accelerate our understanding of his trials and tribulations, undergone in a former life. Story telling perfection.

Berel – Before You Go

“This project represents a time in my life when I opened my mind to the power of collaboration and something truly special came from that,” Berel explained. Bay-area singer-songwriter Berel unveils his alt-R&B/electro-soul debut EP entitled, ‘Thirteenth Floor’, is out now. Berel is a songwriter & vocalist based in Los Angeles that provides a nostalgic take on the R&B/soul genre. Brimming with energy, the Northern California born R&B singer/songwriter is turning water into waves and gathering believers along the way. Moving on, to bigger and better. “Music helps me live in the moment. That’s the best high. It’s the best effect music can have on us,” Berel stated. Combining old-school R&B with soulful singing, BEREL stands in elite company with the likes of JMSN, Xavier Omär, and Tom Misch by complimenting the sound with his own musical depth. Beautiful.

WaterPenny – Giftwrap My Love With Fire

Off of ‘Forward Motion’, WaterPenny delivers with strident soul-searching rock blues in ‘Giftwrap My Love With Fire’. Seattle, Washington’s own trio, wrestles with complex themes together into a six-song EP. In it they examine with diligence in nuance and thematic thrusts. WaterPenny’s new EP, Forward Motion, incites open-mindedness. Devoted to sparse arrangements of piano and guitar, tempos range and harmonies soar between moments distinctly folk and tunes that veer more heavily into Americana territory. Straight forward. No none-sense. It’s a way to go for that part of your wants and desires.

Samantha Leah – Jealous

Hypnotic. Disorienting. Fabulous. That’s what Samantha Leah’s single ‘Jealous’ kinda stirs up in our minds and listening hearts. She stated: “I wrote ‘Jealous’ to bring to light a very common emotion that we all have felt before: jealousy. This song is specifically about a situation where I was extremely love-struck by someone who I later found out had a significant other. This song is basically a memoir of all the thoughts that went through my head at the time.” Samantha Leah is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer, and performer. And the artist born in NYC, raised in New Jersey, takes upon herself to make sure that her music is unique and distinguishable from the rest. We think in ‘Jealous’ her melodious vocals, tantalizingly r&b, and filled with suppositions for life and attitude, oozes with vibes that just gets you to absorb it all. See her pop ‘freakness’ @ Samantha Leah’s Freak Show Festival, Montclair, New Jersey on October 26th. Yes. Halloween themed, yo.


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