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Fresh // Eckhardt And The House // Yung Heazy // The Local Strangers // One Way Traffic

Jack Perkins

Fresh – Going To Brighton

Frontperson Kathryn Woods stated: “I wrote the line ‘there are things I’ve learnt inside my head that they can’t ever take away from me’ as a kind of reminder to myself to value what I already have, how I can always rely on my own sense of self and my own inner strength.” We imagine Kathryn saying that quote with her hands on her hips, evoking a silent strength and vitality. Then a big smile for the grandness of her place in the world, and where ‘Going To Brighton’ represents for her. Well, it’s just our imaginations. As mentioned. But that’s why this fun single is cool, happenin’, and vibrant. A travel of humanity, and person wellness breathes with life, with yourself, first and foremost. No one gives you that tag. You can only attain it within you. Everything else falls into place, at your terms. Heck yes.

Eckhardt And The House – Lonely

Progress. That’s what has happened to our human existence, ever since our birth as the species. Technology, innovations, strength, and knowing our limits, without giving a damn – the world has never seen more prosperity (on the whole) than we see in 21st century. But it’s hard. It’s hard for our collective notions, and of our individual sanity. Mental and emotionally fulfilling is not something that comes automatically with success. ECKHARDT AND THE HOUSE’s ‘Lonely’ is just an observation. A piece for observing strangers and people watching as they continue to try and keep this success going. Everything has a good and the bad. ‘Lonely’ is just a danceable way to ponder. Fab.

Yung Heazy – Girl, I’ll Take You Anywhere

Jordan Heaney with Ken Clarke, Cole Frizell and Christopher Bede, make up this funky stylistics named YUNG HEAZY. Decadent, groovy, soul driven guitars makes ‘Girl, I’ll Take You Anywhere’ an easy way to travel. Since their debut LP ‘Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everything Less’ in 2018, not only they continued the ‘long titles’ trend, but the ‘excellence’ quotient of their outputs have sustained the proof of quality. Wild and built for live shows, the band is a sight to see and of course hear.

The Local Strangers – Not Missing

Aubrey Zoli and Matt Hart brings out the inner CHER and HEART. Longing lyrics are amplified by the 70’s rock goodness from their play, and releases the pleasure bombs in your head as you listen. Aubrey’s gritty strength in her vocals, do charming harm to the listener at hand, making them bop to the tunes of dynamic souther rock vibes. There’s no going back. You’re at their live show and you’ve been decimated. Decimated with the urge to rock on, that is. Look for more from the duo, as they strive on.

One Way Traffic – Baby Come Back

Off of their latest album ‘Turn Right’, ONE WAY TRAFFIC offer this traditional Bluegrass gem ‘Baby Come Back’. It’s as classic as it’s constructed. And as the song starts like a rocket in the sky, it drives you to be the inner country folk you’d always wanted. Knee slapping fun that is direct, and no none-sense, ‘Baby Come Back’ resides as the purveyor of goodness and wholesome commentaries. ONE WAY TRAFFIC is based out of St. Louis and is made up of artists: Leah Osborne (vocals/baritone ukulele/washboard), Drew Lance (percussion/vocals), Erik Ferguson (bass), Sam Avery (guitar/vocals) and Sam Aubuchon (mandolin). Let’s have some fun!


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