Friendship Commanders ‘The Enemy I Know’ : Gritting its teeth of hymns. Just works.

Friendship Commanders

The melodic heavy duo from Nashville TN, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Buick Audra, and drummer/bassist Jerry Roe, are releasing a five-song EP called ‘HOLD ON TO YOURSELF’. It follows LP, ‘BILL’, which they made with Steve Albini (Electrical Audio, Shellac).

The band’s primary songwriter, Buick Audra, is an abuse survivor and has chosen to dedicate this work to other survivors. Her outgoing message is summarized in the EP’s title. The phrase has been a personal mantra for Audra; she has a habit of writing it down every morning as a reminder. She says, “This has been especially true during times of dealing with unsafe family members, abusers, or unwell people. With a past of self-abandonment, holding on to myself has to be a focus in everything I do. It’s a good reminder and I always need it. It just seemed like the right set of words for this record.”

Jerry Roe says, “The songs and approach on this EP called for a very different energy, in that I had to put as much strength into one stroke as I would have 10 on our previous records. This also allowed me to open up my drum sounds because the music is much heavier, and called for a bigger, wider sound. The result is all-encompassing and to me, very cinematic. Lyrically, to me, these songs are kind of about evil and suppressive forces and psychology that manifest within a social or familial dynamic, so the music had to go in a heavier and darker place, but also a stronger place since once you get through heartache, confusion and fear, there’s tons of insight, wisdom and strength, and the way the tracks are sequenced it ends in victory through personal reflection and acknowledgment. I’m honored and honestly very lucky to be able to play and collaborate with such a strong writer, musician, and singer. This is my favorite thing we’ve ever done.”

There’s something to the production of ‘The Enemy I Know’. It’s got something to do with Buick’s tempestuously ardent vocals, gritting its teeth of hymns at you. Also, it’s the writhing surge of energy from the rhythm, defyingly riveting in its place of rock ecstasy.

Just works.

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Friends! Our April tour dates are moving to August! We believe in trying to flatten the curve of this virus, we believe in contributing to the overall wellbeing of our society, and we really believe in not putting high-risk people in danger. It’s less about worrying about us getting sick, and more about making sure we don’t needlessly infect anyone who can’t afford the hit to their immune system. Some illnesses are invisible. BUT! Our new record, Hold On To Yourself, is still coming out on April 3rd! We can’t wait to share it with you! Many thanks to all who have already pre-ordered the limited edition vinyl (purple 10”!), and a reminder to everyone else that we had a very small run of these made. Ordering it will help you because you’ll have a rad new record, and it will help us because we’re not able to tour on it/sell it right away. Link in profile. If you can’t afford to order it (and we get it; really, we do), please follow us on Spotify or subscribe to our YouTube channel! These things all help bands and musicians. Links in profile. Love and solidarity to other people in the arts, in service industries, in venues and hospitality. We are with you. And huge gratitude to the team of people who work with us: Aaron Gray at Heavy Talent, Ryan Quigley, Caroline Borolla at Clarion Call Media, Ric Simenson, and Jamie Goodsell—and for this record, Kurt Ballou and Brad Boatright. You all rip and we’re grateful to have you on our side. We will be bringing the music to you in new and creative ways! Stay tuned! We love you and thank you! Buick & Jerry, FC . Image by Monica J. Murray . . . #friendshipcommanders #holdontoyourself #metal #sludge #stoner #loud #majorchords #buickaudra #jerryroe #kurtballou #bradboatright #nashville #covid19 #staythefuckhome #flattenthecurve #supportmusicians

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Hey friends, We've been quiet this week because Middle Tennessee was hit by tornadoes on Monday night and we've been trying to be of service when and where possible. Some of Nashville's neighborhoods have taken on serious damage. It's been overwhelming and sad, to say the least. We are excited about our new music and the touring we'll be doing to support it, but we wanted to pause and respect the situations right around us. We'll return to music-related posts next week, barring any other unforeseen events! Thanks for the support you've shown us. We'll talk to you all soon! In the meantime, if you want to contribute to the efforts in Nashville, please consider donating to Gideon's Army! They're doing incredible work in North Nashville. Link in profile. Many thanks, Buick & Jerry FC Image by Jamie Goodsell . . . #friendshipcommanders #theenemyiknow #holdontoyourself #imnotyourenemy #metal #sludge #stoner #loud #majorchords #buickaudra #jerryroe #kurtballou #bradboatright #nashville #gideonsarmy

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