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Friendship – Skip To The Good Part

Friendship’s Skip To The Good Part is an awakening to one’s vast ambitions, unrealized – and we feel bad about that. Take that road, rise those inhibitions, conquer the bouts of nervous stomach aches – you can do it.

She’s so beautiful, I can’t believe it – I need to talk to her, she would like me. Should I?

Take that chance.

I can’t do this report. It’s too long. I can’t make it by 5pm. I’m not enough. Shall I try again?

Take that chance.

Why am I so ugly? The mirror doesn’t lie. Am I being too hard on myself? Or are they right? I need to be stronger.

Take that chance.

I love you. You love me. Let’s get hitched. Why not?

Take that chance.

There are infinite amount of solace, regrets, excitement, opportunities… hope.

Is our life this way, because that’s how it is?

Or can we change it?

It’s possible.

But we can’t find out until we try.

Let’s try harder.

Friendship is a fab band. We respect their sensibilities and philosophy on song presentations. They’re on tour with packed schedule through November.

They’re rep’ed by Orindal Records, out of Chicago.

Check ’em both out!



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