Fringe Pipes ‘Baby I Miss You’ : Voice through words and tones, help to solidify his urge to perform.

Fringe Pipes

“The transition into young adulthood brings many feelings, but chief among them at times is nostalgia,” said Fringe Pipes. “This song is about longing for the old carefree days during which the world’s greatest concern was finishing up a philosophy paper so we could load the amps in the car for the gig downtown. This song is about wondering how the old bandmates are doing out in LA; maybe they will become stars, or maybe they will go broke and move back home to settle down. There was a beauty and simplicity to the joy of a first love, the anguish of a first car crash, the bargaining with god during one’s first bout of alcohol poisoning. After awhile life becomes more complicated, messier, more grey.”

A return of Fringe Pipes, after a hiatus, means there was an internal urge to express again. And through song, that’s where Colin Loynachan again wants to tackle that forever and haunting challenge to connect. With regular life, on going, Colin’s voice through words and tones, help to solidify his urge to perform.

‘Baby I Miss You’ is here.


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