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Frog // Post-Modern Connection // Glamper // Luca Vasta // Indy Floyd

Frog – Bones

Queens NYC is the place of respite for the band called FROG. The band, with its long history, has garnered much appreciation from their fans, by deploying sentimentality in songs that delight and shimmer. The guitar work is always played off of the vocals, radiates with light frolics of dainty raindrops and often soul searching stories of miles traveled in this world. In ‘Bones’ sultry Americana peeks out, trembling and weeping at the plight of such endearment of the heart. The two man band hits the spot. Always.

Post-Modern Connection – Memories

The Kelowna B.C. (Canada) based band POST-MODERN CONNECTION is the reflection of Jeff Buckley’s shimmering indie-rock exploits. Driving vocals, as chic as a warm and humid hour of love, during that summer night of pleasure and pain, ‘Memories’ demonstrates the onslaught of phantasm we deserve out of the single. The decadent reclusive love-torn stresses of a touch not replied; the torn hem of the glance that never saw you – all lie within the silence of the scream of a place in the heart. The heart cries with animalistic fervor. It has to be heard. Will she hear you? PMC is made up of members from Lebanon, Nigeria, and Taiwan. Glorious should be the fifth member. Look for them to explode in the scene soon.

Glamper – Drunk and Scrooge

‘Drunk And Scrooge’ is a punk and rock laced middle finger to the norm. A middle finger to the normal ravage of a life that we live. The debut single from GLAMPER is riotous fun where anything will go, as long as you’re along for the ride. No skipping town in the middle of the ride through the desert of musical notes. You sit there and listen. Let the spear pierce your noggin. Let the holiday feelings well up and make it your own. It’s the most commercial part of any year, and GLAMPER wants to ‘Scrooge’. Will you be their next victim? Hope so. GLAMPER is a band based in Nashville, TN.

Luca Vasta – Sicilian Coast

The folk/pop goodness of LUCA VASTA’s single ‘Sicilian Coast’ will get you to that place of comfort. It’s the warm cloud of affection you’d been gleaning for all these years. And at the end of it all, LUCA VASTA’s powerful vocals will help you guide your sins to the edges of the sandy beach of your mind – a place of solace and forgiveness. A place where you can exists. A place where honor can mean something. Luca brings passion and emotions into her singing. Like a great Italian love story, the heart flutters with pride and acrimonious nervousness, for the future that could be. We are all of a child’s heart, in some way, and Luca knows how to bring it out in her ballads. Look for even more from the talented songstress.

Indy Floyd – Bittersweet Memories

INDY FLOYD’s latest ‘Bittersweet Memories’ was inspired by the book ‘The Alchemist’. The sentiments of feelings that are indiscriminate in compassion, is prevalent in this world. But not for her. It’s always special for the girl who makes you float into the world that exists only between the gaps of reality and the dawn. The feeling of angst, excitement, love and devotion, comes to the fore in this single. The treasures of life is bespoke in every which way. We determine that content. And when that treasure-chest comes in view, it is you who can define it. It matters not what the world says. It is you who will it to form. The synth drenched single coupled with INDY FLOYD’s caressing vocals, make ‘Bittersweet Memories’ a parchment of delight. Forever in history, looking to be read by all.


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