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Frøkedal Shares New Single ‘I Don’t Care’. Move on from that small circle drawn in chalk.

Frøkedal is a beautiful artist, singer-songwriter. Her songs have been always consistent in that almost each song she’d put out through the years have been excitedly fun, unpredictable in style, always presented surprises, and mixed different genres to bring us delicious taffy of fab music. And we always lap it up, in full. Her latest ‘I Don’t Care’ somehow mixes indie, folk, and some 70’s hard-rock progressions that are just under the surface, but memorably distinct.

New album ‘How We Made It’ drops August 31st.

The lyrics are honest and pointed, at the same time. Her vocals demilitarize the boundaries of that border between the relationships. However, the warheads are alerted, and the warning is sounded loud and clear. ‘I Don’t Care’ brings much pomp and circumstance, with its glorious synths and percussions, but just within, there’s that culdren of fire.

And that fire, motivates – to do better, to close the gate, and well – just to move on from that small circle drawn in chalk.

It’s time.

And it’s time that you’d make some time to listen to Frøkedal’s current and past publications. They are well worth it.

We dig her and her music, very much so.

She’s rep’ed by Propeller.



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