Front Bench ‘A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR’ : “Delivering high energy filth to our friends across the country.” Can’t be better than that.


Front Bench’s single ‘A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR’ is nasty. It’s got the best of all worlds, with defined terrors of beats, and a galaxy munching power of nostalgia and danceable exasperation.

It’s inspirational.

Party single is a cornerstone jigsaw puzzle for the artist and it adds to the artist label and collective, 199. It is run by Front Bench, himself, and with Alex Galloway.

The gang run in Hyde Park and says they are keen in “delivering high energy filth to our friends across the country.”

Can’t be better than that.

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Chuffing hell you lucky lot this is really something. Since our beloved clubs were so rudely taken from us in April, we have made it our mission to ensure that when it's time to heat up dancefloors again, our friends around the world will be equipped with as many little coals of joy as possible, to shovel straight onto the giant furnace of big beats, and power the legs and feet of ravers everywhere. So in that vein, 199 are thrilled to announced the release of our sophomore compilation, 'IN ARMS', which represents at least a three gear shift in the mega-turbo direction. We've got 11 artists from all over the world, bringing us a whopping 21 mid to high tempo party tracks that will have you itching to get back at it in the new season. This project is of particular significance to us as it represents our contribution towards @toms_fight . Earlier this year, a friend of ours, Tom Lazarides, suffered a life-changing spinal chord injury. We will be donating all proceeds to help fund his treatment in the hope that he regains the proper use of his body, and the more we can raise, the better chance he has of a recovery. For more info about Tom and the cause, please visit their page on Instagram. We have so many people to thank for their part in this album. The artists, for outdoing themselves spectacularly with the tracks, @heavywater__ once again for the ridiculous artwork, and to all of you for staying with us during lockdown and making all of this worth it. Now get on Bandcamp to claim your copy, and get on Soundcloud to listen and share. We can’t wait to be back with you properly when life resumes 💚💚 🍾

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