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Frozen Inertia Shares ‘Moore’s Law (2019 Mix – Feat. Dana Colley)’. “It’s something else, to be sure.”

No mountains are high enough. No valley deep enough. No wind or rain or any heavy things from the atmosphere can stop the continental reach of the project FROZEN INERTIA.

You see, it’s a project that records with the talents from different cities, but comes together in this cohesive – albeit always delightfully surprising – blend of music. Comprised of Tim Graves, Brad Palmer, Jenny Joy Filicky, and Dana Colley, the band mixes jazz, pop, blues to make this oddity of song, into something colorful, thought provoking and mural-esque.

Modern sensibilities, with a keen focus on touching new angles of music construction thrusts the bandmates and energizes their craft.

‘Moore’s Law’ is one of those findings, and it’s something else, to be sure.

You come for the oddity.

Then you part ways smilin’ as the pacing and juxtapositions of the song, bids you good-night with the baritone sax.

We said ‘sax’.

Just do it.



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