Furlong ‘Hate girls’ : Head swaying moment of clarity.


Heavy indie groovy drizzle of 90’s classic sounds and grunge-tastic attitudes. That’s Furlong. The fresh but nostalgic grunt of ‘Hate Girls’ brings the highlight of goodness that the gang weaves in power chords.

“‘Hate girls’ quickly explodes into a heavy pop-rock outburst that’d fare just as well in a dive bar as it would in the headphones of an angsty teenager. Rather than grief and sadness, ‘Hate girls’ cries out for the love of the people that you positively dislike. Having enemies can make you feel alive, refreshed and give you that rush of adrenaline we often crave.”

You just can’t have one head swaying moment of clarity with Furlong.

You dance in your inner being, as the plaid button up covers your waist, all in the vibe of revival and rock-ness.

Furlong’s got you.

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The Tallest Band In The World

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