Furnace Creek ‘Past My Prime’ : You wake up, sweat bleeding, from the soul that can never be quenched.

Furnace Creek

Warwick, New York originating band of nice misfits, Furnace Creek, divulge good vibes and ruckus sacks of angst in this coming of age story of all of us.

“‘Past My Prime’ is the title track to our first full length record (out now),” said the band. “The lyrics are thoughtful, empowering, and reflective. The vocals, guitars, and drums are doubled and layered in a way where it slowly reaches a climax and peak…A pattern that is similar through Furnace’s debut record.”

An urgency to get there. Your legs move as fast as they could. But no matter how hard you try, that far off place – a meaningful place – never seemed to get any closer to be held. A subjugation of a longing, enveloped in a primal shout, was all that seemed to be left within. So, you shout. You shout like the devil was coming after you. Reaching out for the last time, at that far off and promising place… you wake up, sweat bleeding, from the soul that can never be quenched.

Maybe, someday.

The album was mixed and produced by Will Lauzon and mastered by Shayne O’Neil at West West Side Studios. Furnace Creek’s got something going on and the album will get them there.


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