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Furred T // 27 // Harlequiin // Thirty3 // NEO NOIR

Furred T – Never Change

Lo-fi beat maker STEVEN HARTKA makes it look easy in his single ‘Never Change’. The project is FURRED T, and with the stipulation for the horridly fabulous, the sexy drenchings in notes and promulgations, dance at the heels of a ball room dancing marathon. He’s opened up for acts like Ghostface Killah!, Redman, Tsuruda, and he keep ons tickin’. The sampling judgements of an artist who does things right. The Baltimore, Maryland based artist who does things justice. He makes dance, what it’s supposed to be – a self indulgent promise for the invalid of the heart. We want to walk right again. ‘Never Change’ hands that promise for us to share.

27 – Air

You can’t help but revive your senses when listening to 27’s single ‘Air’. And just like the refreshing winds of the tops of Mount Fuji, you exhale in ecstasy. The guitars are of 80’s privilege, but has the aura and the decadence we deserve in a cinematically reliant blend of vibes. The neon coarses underneath the skin of 27, and never deviates for a moment, until…we fall in love. “‘Air’ is the main theme from 27, taken from the soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist,” stated 27. “The dreamy synths, rich textures, and soaring electric guitar solo blend together to create a fresh and uplifting dose of retro-wave goodness.”

Harlequiin – Water Me feat. Amelka May

Muscling in with harmonies of norm and other-dimensional, HARLEQUIIN, soars at depth charge levels with ‘Water Me’. And with Amelka May on board for this chill of a single, the multi-instrumentalist/producer Rory Simmons keeps his project moving forward with significant undertones and exclamations. Rory has worked with Jamie Cullum, Blur, Labrinth, Paolo Nutini, and Rory continues to spread his wings towards where the wind is blowing. From festivals to projects across the world, the musician curtails reservation and builds on his electronica experimentations with vitality and vigor.

Thirty3 – Esper

The artist named THIRTY3 stated: “The song was inspired by the film Akira and it’s protagonist Tetsuo.” If you aren’t familiar, AKIRA, is an anime movie (and manga series) that defined the genre with innovative storytelling, masterful animation techniques, and utter attention to cinematic craft of detailed world making. The classic movie inspires many, and it hasn’t been any different for THIRTY3. The hauntingly mystifying darkened shimmer of ‘Esper’ continues the other worldly encapsulations of the Akira universe. Indeed.

NEO NOIR – Greatness (ft. Lorde Sanctus)

First of 2019, the duo of Bradley Allan & Greg Ogan make up the NEO NOIR project. Aggression is one of the hallmarks of this single ‘Greatness’. And as the song drops as deep as the Marianas Trench, rapper Lorde Sanctus brings the fire in words that clench at the best we could be. Trap, urban, and pop, the collaboration is the antidote to your ‘boredom’ for the outrageously normal. Let it slice you to pieces as it bust you out the truth and statement for what you can become. Starts from your internal furnace. Let the fire fill you up. ‘Greatness’ demands it. The duo formed in 2017, and has become their thrust for passion projects, alike.


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