Future Ghost ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ : The energies the duo proposes in this single wins the day

Future Ghost

Future Ghost is an Orlando, Florida based project from Kat Albanese (of Coach Kit) and Jake Ellis. And it’s good. Real good.

The project continues to deliberate with assertion in ‘Thoughts and Prayers’. Pop and indie guitar resonance, pop from corner to corner, as the lyrical decadence dance to an off-kilter but resounding beat. With strong pop sensibilities and post punk influences, the band has a big sound while maintaining catchy melodies and thick harmonies.

At the end of the day, the energies the duo proposes in this single wins the day, hands down. When the groovin’ vitality consumes you as the hooks dig in, you’re swept into a new world of fun and smiles and everything in between.

It’s a fabulous take on an ensemble of vibes that we all should have in our side pockets.


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