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FUTURE LOVES PAST Shares Video ‘Sexual Time-Traveling Pixies’.

The animal within had killed his latest victim. It was dinner time. And as the meat was being cooked, he thought that a little music was in order. Turning on the latest station, FUTURE LOVES PAST was on, and with that, ‘Sexual Time-Traveling Pixies’ entrenched the monster was sucked into the vortex of the matrix of the unknown. Dinner began to burn.

But he didn’t care.

All he could think of was where the song was taking him, and he vowed that when he comes back to his masterful dinner, he’d savor the succulent bone marrow from the life of which he’ll make ‘one’ with his body.

Fur and all.

The core band members Eric Palmer, Tristan Dede and Co., casts another fabulous net of rock and roll for the masses. Combination of 70’s guitar rock, with the psych funk and soul, reveals the explosive knowledge the band throws down.




All before monster dinner time.

“Slurrrp! Ahhhh. Lovely bone marrow.”

‘Sexual Time-Traveling Pixies’ is an orgasmic demonstration of substance, only the most deviantly artistic can appreciate.

Are you one of them?



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