Future Synths Share ‘Bring you Home (ft. The Thunderpets & Marcello)’.

The band is named Future Synths. But on this particular single ‘Bring You Home’, it transforms quite ably to a synth sprinkled indie-alternative-rock band. And it’s not the only time that a synth-wave group does ‘rock’ so well. This is because, in many cases, the band members are genuine fans of AOR rock pop music from the 80’s and 90’s. It’s natural for such musical tastes to flow in and out of their singles.

That’s why sometimes, it’s undeniably attractive to like such songs.

We’re fans of synth-wave and the sub-genres it offers – especially retro-future-wave. It’s a ‘nostalgia’ driven sub-compact but because of the modern take on synth and digital electronica intermingling with ‘neon’ florals, the sounds are quite catchy and accessible.

And that, to us is coolness in a neat package.

Should be a part of your rotation, here and again.

It’s a treat.


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