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Fuzzy Sun Shares Caressing EP ‘Want Love’. Makes Us Want To Be In Love. Now.

Fuzzy Sun, the Stockton England based indie-pop band, released something very refreshing. And that is their EP ‘Want Love’. It’s a 4 song demolition into the heart of hearts, popping in and out of time and space where we feel proud of our love relationships. With our family members, friends, lovers, and future lovers. The sunshine is beaming down and ‘Want Love’ brings it down to earth, in a heavenly delineation.

Come here my love, take the road that’s not real.
Take my hand, I’ll take yours, in my palms.
Let me touch you, on your cheek. Oh so soft.
We’ll love each other, until the clock runs short.
Let’s not make the clock run short.

All the singles are the deep breath you might need during the long work day. And that life giving breath, brings you to the next level of momentary levels. That one second, that one minute – let’s make it count in ways that define us.

Track List:
Want Love
After All This Time
Come Take A Bite

‘Come Take A Bite’ is our favorite, and that’s apparent from the first verse, first bar. The vocals of Kyle Ross is that friendly touch and understanding of a good friend, no judging, no extracurricular angles – just a good pair of ears to hear your woes. You cry, with the weight on your shoulders, but there are the eyes of Fuzzy Sun to hold you up, and help gather.

Hold on.

The combination of Kyle, with Daisy’s added strength – along with the instrumental ambitions of Lewis, Raffaele and Mitch – brings you to that place of BIRTH.

Follow the light.

They’re rep’ed by Very Clever Records.

The band consists of: Kyle Ross, Daisy Valentine, Lewis Jobson, Raffaele Pani, and Mitch Bancroft.



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