FVLCRVM ‘Bad Blood’ : Amicable contortions of distinction, described with emphasis and love.

FVLCRVM / Photo: provided by artist

“This may sound like a love song but the inspiration came from online discussions,” distinguished FVLCRVM. “I kept reading comments of trolls and generally unhappy people and I kept stalking their profiles (if they weren’t obviously fake) because I desperately tried to understand the way how they think and live. The gap between my bubble and these people is widening every year and sometimes it seems like we live on a different planet. I wanted to reflect the more savvy, intelligent people with this song, treating trolls as trash, thinking that google search can make everyone wiser.”

FVLCRVM draws on a myriad of influences from soul, r&b, house, grime and footwork. He gifts well crafted pop with an air of uber-cool flourish.

Following on from his previous EP ‘Words Loose Meaning’, the new 5-track EP ‘Attentioncore’ combines elements of modern club and electronic music together with catchy pop hooks and irreverent social commentary.

“I’ve spent the last three years working from home so the whole lockdown hasn’t affected me much except I don’t meet new people that often. That’s why I keep losing the ability to reflect on other people’s stories. I rather became interested in what’s triggering certain choices and decisions and where does all this start. And that’s what ‘Attentioncore’ is mostly about. I became really comfortable with the constant flow of choices. But the ever increasing amount of possibilities is slowing me down every day and makes me spend more time choosing than consuming or creating something.”

‘Bad Blood’ keeps the ‘blood’ going, with amicable contortions of distinction, described with emphasis and love.

Oh. Don’t get it twisted. FVLCRVM is all about love. The question is: “Are you?”

It’s a challenge, you should take up (even if it’s of the superficial kind).



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