Fvlcrvm ‘Hate List’ (Video) : Ode to the things hated. “List goes on.” Now in visual form too. Oh day of days.


FVLCRVM’s ode to the things he hates is, ‘Hate List’. The track sounds like a 90s Rave anthem meeting pop music in the future. Think Salvador Ganacci, Chet Faker and Dua Lipa making music on an after hour in a Manchester warehouse.

Said the artist: “I rather became interested in what’s triggering certain choices and decisions and where does all this start. And that’s what EP ‘Attentioncore’ is mostly about. I became really comfortable with the constant flow of choices. But the ever increasing amount of possibilities is slowing me down every day and makes me spend more time choosing than consuming or creating something.”

Their latest LP ‘attentioncore’ is out now.


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