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G Elenil // Party Nails // Ayeja // Phil Hancock // Emily James

G Elenil – Cool It

‘Cool It’ is the final single from the Brisbane based artist G ELENIL. Her debut EP ‘Kin’ was released in early 2018, with a zeal that is right with G ELENIL. G, took inspiration from Twin Peaks, and in that vein of confidence, it’s apparent where she’ll end up in 2019. The sultry manifestation of the single brings up thought of what G’s personality could be. Just sayin’.

Party Nails – Clothes

There’s a reason why we love PARTY NAILS (project of Elana Belle Carroll) is that within her lyrics, a ‘punk’ vibe. Is that weird? Yes. It is (to answer our own question). But why is that significant? Because it’s a testament to Elana’s natural skills of putting together this monster of a single that brings the hard-core attitude, in a gentile pop structure. The result? 90’s pop feel that oozes, Wilson Phillips, Michael Jackson, and the raunchiness & punk-ness, of YOU.

Ayeja – Echoes (feat. Kristina Antuna)

AYEJA, with new twists and blast of ‘hottness’ to the scene, their latest single ‘Echoes’ is another (in a long line) of fab EDM dance iterations. The Lost Angeles based group breathes new and fresh aroma into your dancing part of your soul. House, disco, and smooth from here to Mount Everest, the band combines Kristina Antuna’s vocals to great effect.

Phil Hancock – Heaven

“‘Heaven’ is the breakdown of a relationship – the pain, confusion and desperation in being left alone and the lengths you’d go to just to be with them,” said PHIL HANCOCK. “This song is the opening chapter to a series of pop and electronic songs I will be releasing over the next year, creating emotional pop that hits right in the heart.” The Brisbane based artist wants to help us see how love could be, by describing how we deal with the trauma that seems to last forever. The pain is temporary. ‘Heaven’ is not.

Emily James – Foreign Land

19 year old singer/songwriter EMILY JAMES is here to hold your hand, for there is a long and trying trek through love that is on its way. The storm that brings chaos and heart-aches, is a phenomenon that we can absorb. It’s made bearable when listening to the rain-soaked subtlety of Emily’s vocal attenuation. The New York City native, now based in Los Angeles, started at age 10, and released her debut album at 18. Her determination and confidence for her craft, is an admirable part of her personality which seeps deep and wide into her songs. And that’s something to get into, no matter how you slice it.


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