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Gabacho // Black Market Salesmen // Daniella Smith // Oriana Setz // Sunniva

Gabacho – Sweet & Sour

Stated Gabacho: “I’m a fan of dirty country and Mexican music so I made a song that has those elements along with a touch of Mac Demarco. The lyrics are pretty optimistic for such a groovy song.” The new single ‘Sweet & Sour’ is a melancholic song that plays around with catchy melodies. He finds a distinct sound that lives between indie rock and traditional latin rhythms. Gabacho is the solo project of Siul Reynoso, from Chicago that is also part of the psychedelic surf rock band Los Gold Fires. Throughout the five years with this group, he has shared the stage with big artists such as Natalia Lafourcade, Hombres G, Sugar Candy Mountain, and Mystic Braves. The charm of it all is Siul’s vocals – sweeping at one part, nonchalantly intellectual at another. It suits the kind of ripe flavors of the song, as it dances, hand in hand, with the uplifting chords of the guitar.

Black Market Salesmen – Inside Your Head

‘Inside Your Head’ is a rock and roll song about losing yourself in your own fantasy, where the line between reality and fiction is blurred. Formed in 2015, the Black Market Salesmen have developed a sonically diverse and distinctive sound. In the spring of 2018, they traveled to Marietta, Georgia to record their debut album, “Brainstorm”. The band is made up of Klayton Hodges (vocals, guitar), Shane Davis (guitars), Chris Salib (bass, guitars), and Kris Poorman (drums). This version’s final mixing, though rough and raw, it sure does share the energy for the band enough to get you rockin’ and rompin’. Their fans are very lucky to have them.

Daniella Smith – Follow U

“I had an amazing experience in nature, following a river in the Sequoia forest. What happened you would not believe, among many magical things, I picked up butterflies with my hands, and I can’t wait to share the video of it. That is what inspired this song.” DANIELLA SMITH is a sunshine beam in your dusk. “I live on a sailboat where I write and record my music full time since 2014. Self taught. Always learning and expanding. Healing arts are my thing. Love is my religion…My wish is for you to make up your mind, take one step and then another, do this again and again until you find what you’re looking for. With all my love, sweat and tears I offer you what I create as a reminder that anything you make up your mind to do, you can. Follow your compass everyday more and more. Be unruly, be unconventional. Be you. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide who you want to be and to surround yourself with the things and people that bring you closer to your truth.” What a message. ‘Follow U’ is a unique task of wonderment in just several words. Beauty in simplicity.

Oriana Setz – Pastel Lilac

Oriana Setz is an Ecuadorian singer-songwriter, born in Venezuela and currently based in Austin, TX. Her single ‘Pastel Lilac’ is beautifully constructed with love and talent, and it hits all of pop and indie granules in folk vibrance. With major influences ranging from Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler and Florence + The Machine, the sultry singer/songwriter brings that down to earth, but angelic vocals to the fore. The lyrics are complex in their simplicity, and they play along with the lovely hues of the instruments, especially with the dancing flute. Oriana brings her uniqueness and a part of what greatness she can offer her audience through this song. It’s quite the treat, indeed.

Sunniva – Breakfast Magic

What a switch from song to song, as you cross through SUNNIVA’s EP ‘Forest Fire’. In it, there’s the single ‘Breakfast Magic’ lives. And with it, you’re transported to another generation as the prog tinged single, with shimmering guitars and lovely chorus, it delights your sensibilities with fabulous appeal and satisfaction. The surf-psyche ballad-like instigations are thrown around in your head with the colors of the rainbow, mystified and ratified. Yes. Ratified. It’s law. ‘Breakfast Magic’ lightens up the new 3 track EP with balance and emotional relevance. It’s a fab addition, indeed.


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