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Gabby Fé // Waylen Roche // EMM // Kobey // Carleton Koldyke

Gabby Fé – Summer is Over

Gabrielle Fequiere is her project Gabby Fé. Gabby is a recording artist, plus size model, and YouTube Personality. She is most recognized for her global TJ Maxx Commercial, which kicked off her modeling career. Residing in Brooklyn, this multi-talented artist has an EP that is soon to be released. Flavor of Colbie Callait and Corrine Bailey Rae mixes fabulously with the gentle vibes of her vocals. Relax and ponder some love and affection with the Brooklyn based artist.

Waylen Roche – Florida

“I came up with the lyrics and melody for ‘Florida’ while riding my motorcycle across the USA last summer,” said WAYLEN ROCHE. “The song is an ecological lament told through the lens of someone who’s confronting the loss of home and the pain of feeling as though an integral part of self has been lost with it. Through that loss something new is born. I drew on elements of gospel, altpop, and classical when composing the track. The choir acts as creatures of the wilderness, responding to the main narrator’s cries.” Conscientious gospel vocal loops come crashing like waves. The constant and wailing understated droning remind you of the under represented and possible dangers to come. “This is my second release, a home state ecological lament set to gospel inflected indie folk vibes.” Is it too late to change?

EMM – Havoc

“‘Havoc’ is about struggling to let go of someone that you know is bad for you and was inspired by Nirvana and No Doubt. It’s about struggling to let go of someone you know is bad for you. I wrote it with my team here in Los Angeles. It is from the mixtape I dropped yesterday called EMERALD. I am a self funded Indie artist and I write and produce on all of my music.” EMM is a powerful example of what you can do to try to reach your dreams. Leaving her home city at 16, for the big and bad city of New York City, she sought that dream. She’s here. Expressive and powerful vocals are what EMM is all about. Crisp and crystal, she helps you dive into a part of her world. Let’s go.

Kobey – All Of You

American artist KOBEY is ready. As a new generation of rap and hip-hop artists take over the music world, his flow, style and stellar lyrics set him apart from other rap and hip-hop artists. The Jacksonville, FL, native has a natural entertainer charm that could see longevity. The typical tropes of pop songs are tinted in pink and understanding blues, as the artist hits with full force through visual and audible sentiments. There’s something there. Looking forward to how things go with KOBEY.

Carleton Koldyke – The River

The best traditions of John Meyer and Jason Mraz, the pop folk vibe of CARLETON KOLDYKE is a cool taste from that decadent ice cream which you shared with your sweetheart on that warm and charming evening. Beautiful country pop vocals line up the vibes in ‘The River’, a romantic solution for the better time that have been, and will come again. Carleton’s just started, and will make waves for his audience. See Carleton next @ Bub City (Chicago), on September 30th.


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