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Gabriel Gassi // VØR // X. ARI // Mettā // Katie Buchanan

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Gabriel Gassi – Face

Rivals can get out of the way. The ones who get in the way, just make way. “There’s only one of me – so let it be known”. It’s an attitude and a warning to the ones who can’t be without. It’s the distancing from the wall of distractions. Why do the negatives come into life, with such vigor. ‘Face’ is that shield against such maladies of love and relationships, detriment to it all. The uptempo, ‘see ya’ vibe is decadent, as your knees start to move to a whole lot of rhythm. Serious? GABRIEL GASSI sure is. Playful? If you wanna be nice, sure can. Let’s dance. Sweden based Gabriel Gruvberg is GABRIEL GASSI. Dig.

VØR – Moonchild

Berlin based alt-pop artist VØR captivates with her unique and sultry vocals. In ‘Moonchild’ the psyche-pop drenched alchemy of notes and sentiments, glisten as the mid-night sun casts the understated undertow, of vibes and feelings. Delivering in the sights and sounds, though a certain tinted glances of VØR’s lyrical acumen, we are entrenched, quite quickly, to a different space and latitude in being. Molded in personal rhetoric, VØR’s words resonate with far more depth than most. Rousing the incantations of life and its sub-cultures, VØR caresses with her whole heart, whilst ravaging our normality and constance. ‘Moonchild’ is VØR’s gaze into our existence. And we just don’t want her to look away.

X. ARI (feat. IRA X) – Uni-Fi

Sullied by the crops of internal indignation, she stood there in the wheat fields of her heart, glancing deeply into the golden vastness, crying her last tear in defiance. It wasn’t going to work out this way. This wasn’t meant to be. This wasn’t the way was supposed to be. You belong with my soul, and if the Universe says otherwise, too bad. ‘Uni-Fi’ is Toronto originating (now Los Angeles based) pop artist X. ARI’s synchronic theme for universality in the ‘need for unification’. It’s a wish list that, in her eyes, must come true. For love isn’t one to be shy. It will tell you the harsh realities whether in tragedy or in connection. X. ARI stated: “‘Uni-Fi’ is the title track of my EP and it’s a duet. The lyrics portray the story of ARI and IRA and focus on themes of duality and the need for unification.” A nuance in life as well as that gaze upon that golden horizon. Embrace it, one hundred percent. It must work out the way you’d sought.

Mettā – New Chick (feat. Isaac Frost)

Mettā is the project of two souls, who irrefutably make music that are incontestably charming and tribally earworm. To the max, and to the tilt, Mettā, galvanizes the niggling feelings deep within your mind, selectively breeding to produce that vibe of surrealism. We’d been warned. And when the duo sips at the mouth of that gorgeous lips of life, we take a gander at what we could have had – could have enjoyed – could have become, from the results of such spiritual resonance. Is there another chance to be a part of it again? ‘New Chick’ is that ticket to ride. Get your window seat, now.

Katie Buchanan – Twitch

Gentle soul-rider and indie-pop songstress KATIE BUCHANAN cracks the whip when it comes to music that stirs the mind with elemental grounded-ness and reliable sense for what we all can relate. Off of her latest EP ‘The Over under’, the single ‘Twitch’ reminds us of the ratcheted significance towards a clasp of hands, of which, had become the sole link between emotions. Where could it go wrong, and how did we make it through such diverse dangers. Frailty is at the corner of strength, when the self is recognized – finally, and utterly. Katie writes of tones that never ceases to amaze, even at the most dire. A regrowth of a charred forest, blackened by fire, grows green with time and patience. Can we be that patient? Katie goes deep. We follow.


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