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Gabriella Cilmi – Keep on Keeping
Off of the upcoming ‘The Water EP’ (Nov 1st), Gabriella Cilmi shares ‘Keep on Keeping’ with her usual dynamic vocals that we just dig. We’d stated about Gabriella: “The uniquely voiced folk/country artist keeps us listeners at the edge of our seat with classic anthems of this caliber.” On ‘Keep on Keeping’ Gabriella commented: “This is my daily routine in the form of a song. Came off sounding a bit more like a lament for the undead.” Having sold out her intimate headline show at St. Pancras Old Church on November 7th two months in advance, Gabriella Cilmi recently announced a new London headline show, taking place at Oslo (Hackney) on May 27th, 2020. “Can’t wait to play St. Pancras Old Church and I’m so happy it’s sold out!! The atmosphere is always beautiful and it’s the perfect venue to showcase the new EP given the blend of country, gospel and soul music that inspired the record. Also super excited to announce I’ll be playing ‘The Oslo’ in Hackney next year in May. So anyone that missed out on tickets to the last gig can hopefully join us then. I’ve seen so many great gigs at this place so looking forward to playing the venue myself, it sounds killer in there!”

boerd – Before We Drown’ ft. Stella Explorer

boerd’s debut LP ‘Misplaced’ (digi+vinyl) drops this Autumn. Swedish producer Bård Ericson (aka boerd) working in collaboration with vocalist Stella Explorer, continue the soft and melancholic tones he conjured for his last EP release. As a regular member of the Royal Swedish Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony, and Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Ericson has also proven himself as an accomplished double bass player for numerous ensembles around the world. Bård started out making chip tunes around the age of 15, and after a few years in the netlabel chipscene, he began experimenting with other styles of electronic music. Since 2011 he has released five EPs and three albums as « boerd », and have developed a quite unique sound – a melodic and dreamy mix between ambient, techno and downtempo, often using acoustic samples of piano, guitar and voice that he records himself.

Steroman – Electrhodes

Steroman usual melancholy is adorned with dreamy French-touch electro for the occasion. Let yourself be carried away by his newest EP ‘Electrhodes’. Steroman is a songwriter from Paris (France) He has been influenced by artists from very different styles, from Funkadelic to Led Zeppelin, from Lenny Kravitz to Remy Shand. Resulting in a completely unique universe, you could qualify as Urban-Soul.

Drakes Island – Embers

Drakes Island are an Indie folk band based in the southwest. The birth of the band came from local staple Fergus Tanner who sought out lead guitarist Jamie Yost, bassist Olly Parker and drummer Matt Price which curates a harrowing wall of echoed tones that swell into the sound attached to Drakes Island. Tortured is a term of endearment in the burning desires expressed of ‘Embers’. The flickering last orange slithers of burning ash, intensifies in ‘Embers’ as there are 2 parts to the song. An odd but beautiful sensation is cast into the ether as the melding of two chapters, collide in a dance like two lovers with equal but mysterious intentions. But connection is made immediately, as the dance for courtesy and long term salvation, produces a chiming charm of guitar strings and sentimental lyrics. It’s part of Drakes Island’s debut EP ‘Only Passing Through’.

Seagoth – Internet Cafe

Eighteen year old British bedroom pop singer/songwriter Georgia Ochoa has been creating music under the name Seagoth since 2015, and she emerged onto the scene this year with her debut EP ‘House Party for Ghosts’. Georgia stated: “During the chorus of the song I wrote “Kill time, jump from the Hollywood sign.” This specific quote was inspired by something I read about a woman named Peg Entwistle jumping from the letter H on the Hollywood sign in 1932. She was an aspiring actress but things just weren’t working out for her, so she killed herself in the most attention seeking way. It reminded me of internet culture today, although people aren’t literally killing themselves for attention – they kind of are. People pretend to be something they’re not for followers, they distort everyone’s perception of who they really are for likes. This might not sound like an epidemic, but it feels like one to me. Being surrounded by people who are trying to be like someone else is a strange environment to be in – I am guilty of this too though.” Thoughtful. Precise. Understated. We learn with the past, then hopefully we can improve in our nature. Humans after all.


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