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Gabrielle Marlena // Black Match // SHY Martin // Las Aves // Moment

Gabrielle Marlena – Anyway

We are a fickle kind. Humans are walking and living contradictions. Our faults are mysterious at times, and seems to be as unpredictable as the weather. At least with the subject of love for some. “When I wrote this song, I was so emotionally exhausted from dating and finding men that didn’t fit right,” remembered GABRIELLE MARLENA, “and I was so angry that it kept not working out. In the end, I was recognizing my own tendency to settle for anything that felt good enough to fill that void. This guy treated me like actual dirt and I hated most things about him, but I was still so jealous and hurt when he found someone who he was “more compatible with,” in his own words.” The Brooklyn based artist comes at us with ‘Anyway’ as a cautionary tale that really doesn’t have any shield against such predicaments happening again. “In the moment” we protest with factual rationality and sometimes, that reasonableness just melts away, betraying you and the notion of what you’d thought you were. Oh well. Life is funny sometimes. Look for Gabrielle’s new album soon.

Black Match – Nowhere

Ian and Hannah are BLACK MATCH. The duo with the dreamy disposition firmly locked inside their songs, captures your heart with ‘Nowhere’. Soothing vocals, and arrangement, the single is a promise of sacrifice and of love that has yet to be fulfilled. Everywhere, but nowhere – the burning desire to be together is always there. So, dreams are dreamt and through it, we can live vicariously. The popular duo bring wistful visions of emotions. California based and full of life, BLACK MATCH decidedly compels with intrinsic hymns and amplifies in bouts with the often unfairness in life. All that we desire at the end of the day, is some love and a chance to love. ‘Nowhere’ gets us there, closer than ever.

SHY Martin – Same Old

Uber talented pop songstress SHY Martin comes at us with ‘Same Old’. And once again, she remarkably captures her focused essence for the song, in a kind of delicate and succinct majesty. SHY wrote this track with longtime Swedish songwriting partner, SHY Nodi. And with it, the naturally expressive vocals shine off of the words of emotions in ‘Same Old’. And SHY Martin attributes such writing acumen to her younger days of writing with her mother: “When I felt said, me and my mum wrote letters to each other about it. So expressing myself through songs came pretty naturally for me.” Debuting with her 2018 EP ‘Overthinking’, the celestially decadent pop star makes it look easy, as she struts and charms her way in our lives. SHY Martin also has written songs for other powerhouse acts such as Bebe Rexha, Astrid S, Kygo, Ellie Goulding, ALMA, Jess Glynne, to name a few. Kudos SHY. Let’s keep the momentum high.

Las Aves – A Change Of Heart

Parisian trio, LAS AVES, is unique, succulent, forward thinking, and pure joy to listen to in ‘A Change Of Heart’. Beautifully done vocal hooks? Check. Astonishingly balladic thrust? Check. Delightful tongue-in-cheek story telling? Check. Expert delivery of common ground emotions? Triple check. Describing the angst and stresses of modern existence for a set category of the population, LAS AVES, crafts music of significant heft and meaning. The pop group pulls from all corners of the musical premise and suggests moments of glory and detriment for a lot of the world and our footprint within it. Geraldine Baux stated: “At the end of the song, I read a verse from a Catalan poem by Joan Salvat-Papasseit. It means ‘Nothing is miserly, because there’s a song in each wisp of a thing.’ That resumes pretty much the state of mind we were into when making the album: gathering the ashes of our fucked up love stories and making it into something beautiful to our own eyes.” We’d featured their previous single ‘Antistar’. We’d been enamored with their work since then. You might as well too.

Moment – Beat Again

When you fall in love, you have a song in your heart. It sings like it’s on top of the world. And maybe, just maybe, you have the gumption for true love and when that certain song plays, MOMENT’s single ‘Beat Again’ might be there consoling your ever move. This single’s chorus is overpoweringly divine, and you just can’t get enough of it. When she kisses you and says sweet nothings, you cherish that moment in time and keep a snapshot in your heart. The classic structure of the song, mixes coming-of-age feelz with real hard realities of relationships of man and woman. “Beat Again tells the story of a couple fighting for their love. But on a deeper level it could also be a break up song. Whatever you decide it is a song about being there for each other,” stated the band. The song was written in coordinations between MOMENT and Isabelle Molin.


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