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Gabrielle Marlena Shares ‘Mississippi’.

Sarah Midkiff

On her single ‘Road Thoughts’, she’d: “criss-crossed the continental US in an attempt to find meaningful content and deciphering the content she found and dissolving them into digestible portions – related to her life, her relationship, her young soul.”

The 13,000 mile trip continues in the mystical single in ‘Mississippi’, where the footsteps slow down to take down and describe the underlying undertows of life – her life – the life she deemed important to her.

And just like her defiance she exudes in her song and attitude, that exact ‘defiance’ and ‘fight’ comes through again.

Don’t mess with her.

Don’t mess with life.

Struggle for what you want.

Fight to keep what you deem important.

Only you can do so.

But do it with me. Together.

On July 8th, she plays @ Rockwood Music Hall (NYC) w/ Jessie Litwin and Elizabeth Wyld.


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