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Gabrielle Marlena Shares ‘Road Thoughts’. Did She Find What She Was Looking For?

“‘You’ve got this babe, it wasn’t your time, you’ve had the love some only dream of in your life.’ The rest of the song came later. The lyrics are about accepting the fact that sometimes you can really only count on yourself, and that has to be enough.”

Gabrielle Marlena, unlike many of us on this Earth, criss-crossed the continental US in an attempt to find meaningful content and deciphering the content she found and dissolving them into digestible portions – related to her life, her relationship, her young soul.

Did she find it? I think we’ll never know in public, for many things in a person’s life is so private. And we all attest to that.

But as an artist and musician, Gabrielle, too the 13,000 mile trip and made it be shared with strangers, who might have had the same kind of inclination, but didn’t get to attempt.

Strip away the extra bells and whistles of the song, and when listening to the lyrics, you can hear her hardship, traveling through the roads of the US. The smiles and enjoyment outwardly, was apparent and obvious. But deep inside – deep within – there was a personal ‘well’ which was dry without nurturing water. Her vocals and lyrics are just enough.

We get it.

And her personal process continues, we believe, with this EP. The Brooklyn based musician should blossom quite readily, as this single seems to indicate. And we dig that.




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