Galapaghost ‘Cheeto Jesusland’ : Muahhh-ha-ha-ha


President Trump evokes much passions from all of his citizens – both in positive and negative connotations. For many artists, music is a fabulous forum for expressions of the most personal or anecdotal. A mix of such, is a concoction – whether you agree or not – delivers creativity in the most visceral sense of the phrase.

“As the song title suggests, this song is inspired by Trump, but it’s more about the current cultural climate that we’re living in. Narcissism has really permeated our society with Trump being the king of narcissism. With so many people being so obsessed with themselves, there’s an alarming amount of political apathy in our society and apathy in general, which allows people like Trump to get away with terrible ideas and policies. The song was written, recorded and mixed by myself.”

The world is certainly mixed in such a plight.

At least one thing’s for sure, at least confidence in the body politiks hasn’t worn down too much to the roots.

At least for now?



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