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Galapaghost Shares ‘Bedtime’.

Entrenched in his thoughts for the coming weekend, he silently slipped past the guards by the facility’s front gates. The moon lit night was beautiful, with a large and close full moon, guiding his steps – those professionally nimble steps. His gathering at the entrance to the castle gate, came to a sudden halt. There was a key missing. He looked for it everywhere he could – but to no avail.

What should he do, he thought to himself.

There no entry, before the approval of the key keeper.

What can he do to persuade the highness?

“This is the right date?”

“Yes. And thank you for the indirect compliment. That made my day.”

With a lift of the armored arms, he entered.

Warm, comfortable, and glorious.

Galapaghost is the project of Casey Chandler from Woodstock, NY.

“I wrote, recorded and mixed the album entirely by myself. This album is much different than any of my previous albums because it is entirely electronic (besides a few songs with real bass). I had always wanted to make an electronic album.”

The new album ‘Sootie’ drops August 10th.



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