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Galapaghost Shares ‘Sunfrost’. “Memories And Attitudes. Bubbling. Underneath.”

GALAPAGHOST’s single ‘Sunfrost’ is off of his, just dropped, album ‘Sootie’. And just like he’s done for us before, his take on utilizing introspective harmonies continues with this single.

Relative to his previous offerings in many albums prior, his lyrical work is personal which mixes gracefully within the Universe of notes he’s framed for himself – thus, framed for our ears. It is a departure, of sorts, from his other publications (entirely electronic), but we assume that this was because of his decision on how to tell his stories. And you can tell that it’s not a decision that wasn’t taken lightly, producing some fabulous effervescence in philosophy and clinical musical sensibilities.

FYI. He states that: “Sootie was my childhood nickname and a lot of the songs on this album are about childhood. I was born and raised in the small town of Woodstock, NY and there’s a famous grocery store there called Sunfrost. I wanted to create a very innocent and childlike feeling for this song.”

What a gorgeous premise to start an album.

His newest album is available now.

Get in with GALAPAGHOST (Casey Chandler). It’s a trip (especially with ‘Sunfrost’) into never-never-land – in memories and attitudes, bubbling right underneath many of us, human souls.

Have a listen to to ‘Bedtime’ as well. We’d done a review on that in June.



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