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Galvanic & Meredith Brackbill Shares Single ‘Shouldn’t Stay’. “You Add The Rest.”

This is GALVANIC’s new single (with Meredith Brackbill) ‘Shouldn’t Stay’. It is part of the house that the 18 year old producer from Milwaukee has cemented. It is a highlight of sorts, for witty algorithms in self-pity, human emotions, petty innuendoes.

Or for a COMPLETE opposite of such endeavors.

You never know what you get from GALVANIC.

His producing popularity is from the EDM quantification. However, in this collaborative effort with Meredith, the supple side of life comes to fruition.

It is that soft skin you love about her.

It is that beautiful small of her back you can’t forget about.

It is her lips, which pouts with restraint, when kissing her.

All that.

And you add the rest.

Keep on, keepin’ on. Let’s see where this leads, Galvanic. Shall we?



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