Gamblers ‘Blood Sport’ : Straight forward rock vibes. Smiles explode and love begins to bloom.

Gamblers / Photo: Stephanie Augello

From the south-shore Long Island town of Massapequa, Gamblers brings unique tales of wisps and indulgences with ‘Blood Sport’. Among the list of songs that mix genres and styles, the Gamblers’ delights is a provider of charms and iridescence.

With sometimes clasps of ol’ time rock n’ roll, with the surfy punk cheeky charms, the events that makes Gamblers so memorable, goes like the seasons – quick and fleeting – but loving to the senses.

But it’ll remain.

For the fun that comes with the act, trivializes none of your inner desires for straight forward rock vibes. And when that happens, smiles explode and love begins to bloom.

Even if love is a ‘blood sport’.


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