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Ganser shares ‘PSY OPS’ single and official video. It made us curse. Whoa.

What the f*ck! Yes. We cussed a bit. But we deemed it necessary, for Ganser’s ‘PSY OPS’ off of the upcoming new album ‘Odd Talk’ (which is set to drop April 20th) made us this way. But the act of cussing wasn’t easy. We were kind of like Algernon (from the novel ‘Flowers For Algernon’): was like a small mouse, we felt a bit dumb in eating the cheese given to us, then came to realize we were kinda like a genius mouse thanks to Ganser.

Ganser made us smarter. Then we cursed like a little boy.

‘PSY OPS’ kicked up the amp-age and made us smile with delight and head-banging attitude. The crunch, the mass, the heft of the song just does well to heighten the senses you’d never used before. Nadia Garofalo’s voice is distinct and merciless, with the rest of the band just marching through your brain like the Roman Legion.

Ganser is made up of: Alicia Gaines (bass+vox), Nadia Garofalo (keys+vox), Brian Cundiff (drums), and Charlie Landsman (guitar) who in our view are fascinatingly collecting, digesting, and articulately weaving industrial and punk into this thing we love to listen to.

We’ll bet Algernon would rock to this tune and curse too. It’s what we get for imagining controlling nature. We can’t control Ganser, and we like it this way. You get spit on metaphorically, and we smile.


The video is directed by the band with camera work by Jason Kraynek.

Buy [HERE]

They’re rep’ed by No Trend Records.


Ganser Tour Dates
3/09 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall (w/ Ought, Snail Mail)
3/28 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen (w/ Shopping, Tyvek)
4/16 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle (Record Release Show)
4/25 – Detroit, MI – Outer Limits Lounge %
4/26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Howlers %
4/27 – Brooklyn, NY – Alphaville %
4/28 – Philadelphia, PA – Mothership %
4/29 – Providence, RI – Alchemy %
5/01 – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
5/02 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar
5/03 – Richmond, VA – Flora
5/04 – North Carolina TBD
5/05 – Atlanta, GA – 529
5/06 – Memphis, TN – Bar DKDC
% – with Bloody Knives


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