Gareth Inkster ‘Back Here Again’ : “The broadening of horizons; the the lengthening of foresight.”

Gareth Inkster

‘Back Here Again’ was written in the throes of a breakup. It is the second single (of 3) which will be released in anticipation of his upcoming EP.

“The song starts in a pseudo-philosophical posture, reflecting on having lost one’s point of reference,” said Gareth. “The ordained, poetic lyrics of the first verse plunge into the pedestrian, dull-by-contrast reality of the second verse, but the choruses quickly elevate the song musically and lyrically, suggesting new possibilities. The whole song can be analyzed as progression from constriction to possibility; the broadening of horizons; the the lengthening of foresight.”

He is an artist of old soul in urging music and songwriting vibes. In close contact with his brand of sullen vibes and story telling acumen, the artist from Hamilton, Ontario builds that magnificent house of notes. Timely vocals easily help us to gain confidence through hard and traumatic times of our lives.

Gareth continues his success with his latest ‘Back Here Again’.


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