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Gareth Inkster – Long Time Now

GARETH INKSTER is a 27 year old, old soul of music and songwriting. In close contact with his brand of sullen vibes and story telling acumen, the artist from Hamilton, Ontario builds that magnificent house of notes again in ‘Long Time Now’. We’d stated prior, his: “timely vocals easily help us to gain confidence through hard and traumatic times of our lives.” Last year he’d dropped his debut EP ‘Last Year’, and has followed up with singles throughout 2019. He continues his success with support from the CBC to publication all about.

Jeff LeBlanc – It’s About Us

‘It’s About Us’ is the new single from singer/songwriter, Jeff LeBlanc. Current state of our social dictations is what the dominant news cycle repeats here to Sunday. A song for love, evolved into an incantation about the state of our humanity. Of our neighbors. Of our families. Of our friends, and strangers. A positive note about what we could and should accomplish, without the divisions of protocol. But life and humanity is a hard nut to crack. At last Jeff is the arbiter for betterment.

Kitt Philippa – You

“‘You’ is a combination of thoughts but its output is a love that is not obviously tangible; love can seem distant but still be present; it can almost be imaginary, or like a memory. It was from that context ‘You’ was written. Some of the lyrics circulate around the idea of space, alluding at times to a perceived ’emptiness’; but love flows between and through us and leaves its trail.” The 4 track EP ‘You’ becomes a prophecy of tell-tale loves and those hinderances that are marked by self indulgence, or the lack there of. A profound garnishing of sectarian emotions, all forming to confuse and maybe delay the relationship that was meant to be. Only time could tell. KITT PHILIPPA’s vocals, and more importantly, her lyrics, are the secret happiness you don’t get to find often. Let’s enjoy.

Saga Back – Heaven’s Not Ready

“My mom died about six weeks before my eighteenth birthday,” said SAGA BACK. “This song is for her, almost like a letter, but it’s also for me, my brother and my dad and everyone who knew her. And now when I release it, it’s also for everyone else who’s lost someone they love, not knowing how to keep living without them.” Gothenburg, Sweden based Saga Backteman, the force behind this project SAGA BACK, sings with gumption. No care for the challenges. She’s gone through them already. She’s a young soul, who knows what emotional hardship can be. She sings and writes about them. She then empowers us, the listeners. Saga is a beautiful artist, who wants to share and rejoice, through the often unfair sanctums of life. Saga’s a fabulous talent you should know. Word.

Gimbals – Love Fist

Calling themselves as players. Well, literal players of music, in that fine wine genres of sci-fi soul, gamer jazz, nerd rock, lo fi indie, GIMBALS make a great case for why you should look into prog-rock like this band. Started by brothers Kevin Barron and Travis Barron, the very young band (started in 2018), has rehearsed, then recorded, at their home studio in Euless, Texas. ‘Love Fist’ is part of their first bunch of songs that they are releasing. And when you listen to the production, from the doowop tinge, r&b/soul vibes, melding seamlessly through the organic thrust, it’s a mystery it took this long to get their song into the public sphere. A gift for our ears, in our opinion. Subtle and honest, their single is a charmed part of any part of your day.


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