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Gareth Inkster Shares ‘Then There Was You’. “Beautiful Song Writing. Beautifully Chosen Words.”

GARETH INKSTER is a beautiful song writer. Simple as that. He chooses the right words, the right tones, in the efforts to project heartfelt and difficult subjects of human life in thoughts.

Like in the best tradition of bands like BREAD, Gareth’s vocals and arrangements compile the beauty of what music COULD BE.

‘Then There Was You’ seems like a diary entry that is taken directly. It’s a gorgeous beckoning of reality, with a primitive way of communication in human language.

The song soars, as it is succinct, and it gave us chills at its power.

When you have a chance, please listen to his newest LP ‘Last Year’. From beginning to end, his carefully chosen words, brings the ‘heft’ and each evoke ‘drenched memories’ that we all dream of expressing.

The Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) based singer/songwriter is someone you need to be aware of.

The cinematic aura and powerful presentation is all that you need to know. The rest, he’ll sweep you away, in that flying carpet of love and the ‘loved’.

Close your eyes. Absorb.



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