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Garmin Vivofit 4 touts 1+ YR battery life, lower price.

We at CHF had never gone aboard activity watches before, because of 2 prohibitive ownership challenges: (1)life of battery and/or frequency of battery charges needed, and (2) the cost for ownership. We’ve always believed that the battery output (limits) is a primary component to the overall ‘cost of ownership’ for a gadget like this.

Ultimately, the frequency of charging a watch directly effects the ‘enthusiasm’ to wear an ‘every-day’ activity gadget watch.

And this is because we’re human beings. We’re lazy sometimes.

We want to keep the watch on: without thinking about taking it off, charging, worrying about water (via shower). Even with the performance of the data being kept and regurgitated for us to analyze, if that isn’t done in a consistent and ‘long term’ way, there’s no use for the machine.

So, we were happy that Garmin came out with the Vivofit 4.

And it looks promising, for we’re a fan of Garmin. We were fans from when we were into road cycling, and we know that they know what they’re doing.

Now, with Vivofit4, there might be a chance we could get one of these on one of our wrists.

But as for Vivofit 4, it’s good news and certainly challenges us all to think again about its purchase.

We’ll see.


  • Features always-on customizable color display and 1+ year battery life; no charging necessary
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalized daily step goal
  • Safe for swimming and showering
  • Periodically syncs to Garmin Connect, where you can save, plan and share your activities, get involved in social challenges and more
  • Garmin Move IQ™ feature automatically detects activity and classifies activity type on Garmin Connect

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“An activity tracker is only as effective as how often you wear it, and this is where the Vivofit 4 really shines — you can set it and forget it,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “It’s the ideal device for customers who want something reliable that they don’t need to hassle with or take off to recharge.”

But the main draw to the vívofit lineup is the fact that Garmin packs in tons of features without charging an arm and a leg. The vívofit 4 will track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep. As far as sport profiles are concerned, it’ll track walking, running, elliptical, biking, and swimming. That’s right, the vívofit 4 has a waterproof rating of 5 ATM.

Despite all of its useful features and jaw-dropping battery life, the vívofit 4 only costs a surprisingly low $79.99. You can choose between white, speckled lime green, and black colors. All come in small and medium, although only the black is available in large. For the fashion conscious fitness folks, you can buy additional band colors, including a special combo pack for $29.99 that comes with “Speckled Merlot” and “Speckled Navy.”

From the Manufacturer:
24/7 Wearable
The vívofit 4 activity tracker follows your progress 24/7 and lets you ditch the charging cord, thanks to its 1+ year battery life. It’s also safe for the pool or the shower, and its always-on color display is bright and easy to see, even in the sunlight. Let your personality shine through by customizing the screen with color themes, watch faces and text phrases or by swapping out the band for a different one. Accessory bands are available in various colors and styles.

Convenience on Your Wrist
With vívofit 4, we’re bringing you several new tools designed to make life a little more convenient. Use the weather widget for a quick, illustrated look at what the day is going to bring4. Set an alarm in the app that will go off on your device, or even set a countdown timer right from your wrist to remind you when it’s time to turn off the oven. Misplaced your phone? vívofit 4 can help you with that, too.

Get Moving, the Easy Way
No need to manually start and stop your activity timer — Move IQ has you covered. It can automatically capture and classify different activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and using an elliptical. For walks and runs, it can even start an activity timer automatically. Review the captured data later on Garmin Connect.

Personalized Activity Tracking Plus Motivation
vívofit 4 inspires you to get up and move. In addition to tracking steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, it also tracks periods of inactivity. A colored move bar fills up to alert you if you’ve been stationary for too long. Reset it by walking for a couple of minutes. vívofit 4 even learns your current activity level then assigns an attainable daily step goal. As you meet your milestones, it will adjust your goal for the next day, gradually nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle.

Share and Compete
Throughout your day, vívofit 4 periodically syncs to Garmin Connect2. The Garmin Connect™ app makes it easier than ever to beat yesterday. Bold, colorful activity cards provide all your statistics at a glance. Scroll down to easily compare today’s totals to past results, or tap in for more detailed information. Activities and other health measurements recorded by your device are presented in vivid detail. And the data you see is customized just for you and the way you move, without all the filler.

Step Challenges with Your Kids
Use the Toe-to-Toe™ feature to challenge your kids to a step competition. Your vívofit 4 activity tracker can wirelessly connect to your child’s nearby vívofit jr. 2 or even another vívofit 4 to kick off an instant timed step competition. It’s all controlled right from the wrist, and once the competition is over, you’ll both see the total number of steps during the one-on-one challenge and find out who triumphed.


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