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Gasch Shares ‘About Us’. “Move on from the ivy. Dig for the roots of it all.”

It’s always easy to ‘just forget the past’. But it’s hard to do, when the scars are so fresh. When Mexico based artist GASCH came out of his relationship, it seemed to be a walking death sentence. A gloomy cloud came over his everyday life functions, rendered unavoidable as the shine, in general, vanished from view.

He needed some friendly advice.

“You can’t move forward cause you only see the ivy and not the roots,” his friend told him. But with time, GASCH agreed: “He was right, I was stuck on an endless loop of downfalls with a girl.”

The funk was real.

With knowing his state of mind – a pattern of existence – GASCH now was armed with the knowledge to start anew.

That milestone was when his single ‘About Us’ blossomed. A digital note to himself, of all of the good and the bad that had been in the relationships of his past. But ultimately knowing, the shackles had to be broken.

Each new chance, to succeed, to fail, to learn.



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