Gaspar Narby ‘so-so’ : Continues to produce palpable anonymities of note and sonic envelopment.

Gaspar Narby

Charming renditions of hearts adrift and emotions peaking – Gaspar Narby’s ‘so-so’ is a tear at that space-time continuum, desperate for nourishment, from the one that can heal. The scars of an emotive cause, drips with gazy vibes and beautiful melodic inhibitions.

Gaspar was born in Switzerland in 1996. After playing in multiple acoustic bands and making a name for himself locally, he started building a home studio, aged 15, with the money earned from selling CDs. It was Franz Treichler, the frontman of the sampling pioneers The Young Gods, who showed him the infinite possibilities of electronic music.

Gaspar record sounds of the world, from birds in the Amazon, captured during trips with his anthropologist father, to the voice of his girlfriend, and blend them with traditional instruments to create a semi-danceable, semi-contemplative electronica.

And as the world is his musical instrument, the talented artist, continues to produce palpable anonymities of note and sonic envelopment.

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My single “so-so” is out now 🌻

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