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Gaspar Sanz Shares ‘Come Home’. “Let’s face life again.”

‘Come Home’ is a taunt. It taunts your sensibilities into help you wake up. Don’t be late, the voices say. Then you fudge about and say to yourself, “Can it wait a bit longer?” A virtual slap on your face, indicates that you’re not alone, but time won’t be waiting.

“I think everyone has times where you really look at yourself and think on where you started, where you are now, and how you got there. I think I was at one of these moments when I started to write ‘Come Home’,” said lead singer, James Bell.

“I remember grabbing the guitar and just playing anything that came to me. The chorus chords and the Come Home vocal line came out of a frustration in the moment. I remember feeling that want to escape and go back to where I know everything is ok.”

Formed in 2016, James Bell, Sam Devenport, Jesse Lawrence, and Dom Coulton got to this summation of where they wanted to go. Then a band was developed, and from then on, stories took a turn of shimmer and spice.

A river of ease in consumption for us, who can relate, glamoured for more.

GASPAR SANZ is one of the keys.

Let’s face life again.

See them next on September 3rd at LazyBones Lounge Restaurant & Bar, in New South Wales.



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