Gaspard Eden ‘Nothing’ : Beauty is in the smallest or banal of things. It’s how you look at it, tis all.

Gaspard Eden / Photo: Lucho Calderon

Gaspard Eden is a project of beauty – for beauty. And the seasoned indie alternative singer-songwriter hailing from Quebec City, delivers that exact sense of urgent aesthetics of humble beginnings and dreamy love affairs, with ‘Nothing’. The gloriously decadent caramel of song, Joey’s emblematic vocals, swing like gentle branches, swaying at the warm and constant of the Pacific breeze. He has carved out his very own path by reflecting the nostalgic haze of the 60s and 70s through a turn of the millennium lens.

There are many ways to achieve boredom, and Joey peers candidly at what we’re really doing when we’re doing ‘nothing’.

‘Nothing’ is Gaspard Eden’s first single from the idiosyncratic LP ‘Soft Power’. And ‘Soft Power” is the latest chapter in Gaspard Eden’s constantly evolving artistic process and sees the singer/songwriter eschewing the deeply personal nature of his past efforts and making a conscious attempt to look outwards in order to create.

Beauty is in the smallest or banal of things. It’s how you look at it, tis all.

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