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Gatlin Elms Shares ‘Please’. “Drastic, exciting, and profoundly wonderful.”

GATLIN ELMS is the Houston Texas based producer/artist who brings us his single ‘Please’. The ultimately intimate writings of the song, builds slowly and methodically to a crescendo where un-met emotional challenges hinge at the un-daunting will of the protagonist.

A stand alone single, but comprised of chapters of personal pages in honesty, it dives straight into the relenting calls to hearts that collided at one point in a millennia, but have not since seen each other, eye-to-eye, for some time.

Will this degradation of mis-fortunes; a sequence of mis-truths in falsities, ever mend?

Gatlin’s vocals is dynamic with a feeling that is at the edge of a cliff near sanity – a sweeping and sudden gust of wind, beckoning your sensibilities to take that dive. A dive that is both unknown and predictable, where the distinctly affectionate tone, colors that gray expanse, with vigor and pronouncement.

The chorus of ‘Please’ penetrates without leaving a scar.

A deep wound, that will heal.

GATLIN ELMS debut album ‘Carry Me Home’ was released in 2010. Fast forward to 2019, it seems to us, Gatlin Elms (writer and frontman) has taken a dramatic turn for a different style of writing for his songs. He stated about his debut album that the songs were about “searching yourself and dealing with the nasty parts of life and its struggles.” Today, we see a fresh start and a gleaming amount of potential for his writing to hit new and higher heights.

‘Please’ (we hope) will be the spearhead and prediction for his future singles; as a start of something drastic, exciting, and profoundly wonderful.



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