Gavin Caine ‘Jenny’s Library’ : Short stop at the revealing angsts of love and irrespective-honesty.

Gavin Caine

From the 9 song LP ‘Nine Stories’, there’s a flaming hot-ness that comes off of the friendliness of ‘Jenny’s Library’. A cylindrically pertinent alcove of feelings and emotional baggage, the single is a short stop at the revealing angsts of love and irrespective-honesty. A charm that is driven by the theater playfulness of the vocals and the deliberate aggression of reality, in kind.

“When writing this song, I wanted to create a story with no plot or apparent point to it – just a slice of life. Most of the songs on the album are story-driven, but this one is particularly mundane. It’s a bit like people-watching and having fun filling in the gaps of their story.”

The New Jersey based band, curtsies with a wink and a smile, via their venerable singles of hope, optimism, nihilism, and ultimate salvation of self.

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