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Gazey Shares ‘River’. “Define what’s good for ourselves, no?”

Perth based art-pop band GAZEY, puts speed bumps for knowledge on the road to betterment with their single ‘River’. It is included in the brand new debut LP ‘Sole’ (available now).

You say, it’s better that there are some ‘speed bumps’ on that road, for you like taking in the sights of that road you’d decided to ride. The day seems to be cooperating with sunshine and so far, fair and lucky episodes to encourage you even further. The long and arduous boulevard is paved, but not in gold, unfortunately. However, with good distractions like a career, hobbies, relationships, and occasional good music along the way, things can’t get any better.

That’s where ‘River’ from GAZEY lies. It lies underneath a conceptual shade underneath that tall and assuming tree. You lie there with a gentle breeze of expectation, but not really harried to get there.

You can also say that those ‘speed bumps’ are about love, or the lack of satisfaction from those pesky endeavors in life. But ‘love’ is a huge component of this world. Whether that love never wanes, or it just lasts but a fleeting shimmer, the significance can be felt.

Ultimately, it all depends on who you are. ‘Speed bumps’ whether good or bad, is all a perspective and how those perspectives grind against cultural norms.

We want what’s good. Guess, we have to define what’s good for ourselves, no?

Vocalist and songwriter Josiah Padmanabham: “Amidst our clumsy and awkward attempts in love,” he says, “we should want our others to move beyond the patterns we ascribe to each other”.

See them next at Norma Jeans in Mandurah, Western Australia July 25th.



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