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Gazey Shares ‘Society’. “Drizzly summations. Shoe-gaze inspiration.”

From their newest LP, ‘Sole’, the gang in GAZEY, slices off something good for us to listen to in single ‘Society’. The pop band from Perth Australia, gives it the shoe-gaze inspired dream-pop treatment in the song, as the drizzly summations, knock off those stresses off of your shoulders for a moment.

And you become thankful. For the days are hard, and the mounting frictions from the world, nips at your heels, in order to destroy you.

‘Society’ is the way.

‘Sole’ the LP, brings together the band’s progressive art pop sound with the aid of a strong DIY production aesthetic (featuring a impressive cache of synthesizers) and meticulous arrangements that listeners and critics have come to expect from the quintet.

The band consisting of Caleb Andrews, Ezra Padmanabham, Ryan Thomas, Ezekiel Padmanabham, and Josiah Padmanabham laps up your eager notions, and spits them in their style of empathy, in notes and synergy.

By proxy, you’re damned to liking (and maybe love) what they offer.

Give it a go, eh?

See them in their 2nd LP release party @ The Bird, in Perth on October 5th.



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